Originally from Belgium, I arrived in France in 2000. I have been working in events for 20 years. Thanks to a solid training in the most famous and international holiday club, I very quickly took inspiration from mass animation techniques to create customized event modules. Whether for individuals or companies, I have a solution that meets all your needs. I work for, or in partnership with, a large number of companies specialising in events.

To animate means: to put life where there is none. It is a job of passion and humility. The questioning is a daily one. It is also an extraordinary job where meetings and experiences are very enriching.

I put at your service this long experience by guaranteeing you a meticulous presentation, constant attention, an exacerbated professionalism and an irreproachable quality of service. Contact me if you have projects to animate or enhance. I am already looking forward to playing with you!

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André Craps