Salomon is organising the Aperun 2018 from 10 April, a major sporting and festive tour of 84 dates in 21 cities in France and Belgium!


Aperun is the contraction of two words: Aperitif and Running! An ingenious concept invented by Salomon that allows anyone to test his new models.

During the 2018 tour, participants have the opportunity to test the brand new Sonic RA range, with three models at their disposal, whose stocks and installation I manage:

The Sonic RA Pro: the lightest of the range, with its dynamic unwinding, its performance, it attenuates vibrations thanks to the specific VIBE technology.
Sonic RA: Vibe technology attenuates vibrations, with a direct unwind and a footwear, it is the « Middle » of our Running Avenue.
The Sonic RA MAX, the one that provides the most cushioning with its power-assisted unwinding, which attenuates vibrations thanks to VIBE Technology and its structured Fit.

An outing #APERUN is friendly and warm and open to all levels! Go to a downtown bar for the distribution of T-shirts and shoes. The exit is generally between 5 and 8 km, but with breaks… we usually run between 45 minutes and 1 hour… After sports, comfort! Back at the bar, an aperitif is offered as well as a discount voucher on the purchase of the tested product. Then follows a quiz animated by me which allows to win Solomon articles.

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Video summary of the Aperun tour in Belgium




  • Event : Aperun Salomon
  • Agency : Usufree 
  • Entertainment : Quizz et logistique
  • Location : Anvers, Gand, Bruxelles, Namur (Belgique)
  • Date : Du 9 au 18 octobre 2018


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